Yahoo is going up

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How Roy Lichtenstein became weighed down with superficiality

The Spectator
On both sides of the Atlantic there are still heated debates about who invented Pop Art, the Americans or the British, but it seems much more probable that concurrently each initiated their own brand in response to the zeitgeist of post-war consumerism....more

Sovereign wealth funds move to real estate investments

Sovereign wealth funds around the world are moving to diversify their portfolios, according to TheCityUK’s Sovereign Wealth Funds 2013 report, with deal transaction sizes getting smaller and emerging markets accounting for a growing share of investments...more 

10 things to know about markets now

MSN Money

Stocks finished February with small gains and recovered from an opening slump on Friday. What does that tell us about the market ahead?...more 

Investing in silver makes more sense than gold now

By David Goodboy,  Street Authority 

While the Fed's efforts are still being absorbed and utilized by the economy in a positive way, the excess liquidity may eventually lead to an extremely inflationary economic situation....more

Since 2008, credit creation has been seen as the key driver of growth

 Lehman’s collapse effectively froze the global money supply and access to working capital. It hit the order books of otherwise healthy companies as far away as Asia, and took the global economy to the brink of financial disaster. Reviewing the rising leverage that preceded it, the lesson seemed obvious: if credit doesn’t grow, business can’t. The economy revolves around credit....more

World Economic Forum study: Reducing supply chain barriers could increase global trade by 15% and economic output by 5%

Deficiency in transport and communications infrastructure is one of several supply chain barriers that act as obstacles for speeding up global economic growth.
That is the conclusion of a report entitled “Enabling Trade: Valuing Growth Opportunities”, prepared by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in collaboration with the World Bank, and Bain & Company, a Boston-based global management consulting firm. The report was made public at the opening of the 11th Annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.... more